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ZsKnight, Zophar,
Lord Esnes, MrGrim,
MintaBoo, ToKeR,
mauiThrev, and |Magnus|.

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April 26, 1998
    WHAT'S NEW - v0.07x
  • CPU and PPU finished - Still Debugging
  • Debugger Speed Ups and Updates
  • Use '-d' at the Command Prompt to Enter Debugger
  • Fully Debugged CPU and PPU - Hopefully Running Demos

March 24, 1998
  • Sorry, I had v0.4 on the site. I have updated it to 0.6d. Although I haven't finished it yet.

March 23, 1998
  • More Opcodes Finished
  • Updated Debugger
  • Updated My SNES Memory Map Document, corrected SRAM - SNESMem.txt v3.5

March 3, 1998
  • HiROM Support
  • Finished My SNES Memory Map Document - SNESMem.txt v3.0

March 2, 1998
    WHAT'S NEW - v0.05d
  • LoROM Support, Debugger finished, 20 or so 65c816 Opcodes Finished.
  • ALL 65c816 opcodes written.

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